SCRA associate membership support mission to advanced science and engineering for humanity and the profession. In the mean time, memberships build a support platform to introduce technology careers to individual/institutions around the world.

Individual Members:

Researchers, Students, Industrialist engaging themselves as SCRA Members can receive SCRA Newsletter,associate journals publication free of cost and may participate in the sponsored events at reduced cost with higher preference. Experienced researchers at the managerial level, professors and lecturers, and research scientists are welcome to join in editorial board and be as reviewer.

Institutional Members:

Institutions may participate with SCRA as Institution level members with the added benefit of free Conducting events like Symposiums, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars will be taken with utmost care at the parent organizations venue with full efforts of SCRA to make the event a grand success.

Membership Categories:

1] Computer Science – MCS
2] Computer Applications – MCA
3] Information Technology – MIT
4] Computer Engineering – MCE