Research and Development

Young Scientist Award

In order to promote excellence in various fields of Science and Engineering Technology in the World, Scientific Communications Research Academy has instituted a scheme of awards for outstanding research contributions to science and engineering technology by young scientists working inside in the field of Science and Engineering Technology. This award will be known as "SCRA YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD". Category of awards in the following branches would be given annually;
1] Machine Learning  2] Deep Learning 3] Data Science
The award would be given for excellence research work done by young scientists working in the above Fields during the years preceding the year of award.
Three expert panels, one for each of the three branches, shall be constituted by the SCRA for consideration of the nominations received. Nomination regarding to each of the three branches of science would be placed before the concerned skilled panel.
Every panel should include at least one expert from each of the disciplines from which nominations are received. The members of the panel shouldn´t be connected with the concerned research work of the nominee. The Scientific Communications Research Academy Chairman shall nominate a Chairperson from any of the members of the panel. Recommendations for awards might not be created by the concerned expert panel(s) if the research contributions of the nominees are not found to be of sufficiently high standard. A person can receive the SCRA YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD in any category only once in the life time. The presentations of the Awards to the recipients will be made in a special function of the Academy ever year. Duly filled in nomination preformed, along with other relevant documents, should be forwarded with the nomination proforma to;
Chairman,Director,Secretary and Members of the Executive Scientific Communications Research Academy shall not be ordinarily eligible for nomination for SCRA Young Scientists Awards during their tenure. In case any of the above has appointed a candidate(s),shall not be a member of expert panels.Please read before submission award terms.