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Biometric Identification and Authentication System and Method.

The biometric trait including a fingerprint, a palm vein and a face image can be captured using an image processing unit in order to thereby process the captured biometric trait for extracting at least one feature with respect to an individual. The features with respect to the biometric traits are further stored into appropriate databases such as a fingerprint database, a palm vein database and a face image database separately in order to thereby form a watermark image with respect to the individual. The watermark image consisting of the biometric traits of the individual can be further stored into a smart card or physical medium in order to thereby retrieve the biometric traits for validating the individual in a secured environment. The biometric system can verify and validate the credentials of the individual by evaluating every biometric trait of the individual stored in the databases.

Providing Secure Big Data.

Big data is on global trend today, transforming the era of data communication and storage. Even though storing data has become a topic is of ease today, security is a major concern. Securing data storage, data access by means of authorization and authentication is concentrated in the research collaborated with SCRA. Further developments will be updated in the website.

Time Bound Collaborative Access Control Delegation Model In EHR.

EHR is the digital record shared across multiple users like hospital, personal physicians, researchers, insurance companies and many. Such a scenario of data sharing attracts much attention towards security and privacy of their own medical records. These data are patient centric and patients are very much concerned towards the limitations in sharing of their own medical records. We present a time bound combined access control model which provides concerns on spatial dimensions and time constraints to concern over temporal dimensions. This path invisible EHR structure aims in providing privacy since dynamic key creation and distribution is included based on the time constraint using a new key assignment scheme suitable for hierarchical systems. The research focus will be on insisting the importance of EHR conversion and the role of Delegation and Access Control in Health care. Combined Time Bound Access Control is to be proposed and concentrated much on developing and implementing algorithms related to Combining various access control techniques as a time bound delegation model.