Research and Development


The applicant should fulfill the following eligibility for the competition.
1.Under the age of 35 years as on 31st December. (Women applicants will be given relaxation of five years).
2.Enrolled in a university/college for Ph.D. or Post Graduate degree from "Category of Awards" 1&2.
3.Has submitted / presented full length research paper of his/her own work at the time of application.
4.Should be the first author and presenter of the work.
5.Work carried out has to be certified by the Head of the Institution/ Department/ Research Supervisor, from where the candidate is applying.
Selection Criteria:
An undertaking has to be provided by the candidate, that the work which is being submitted has not been published in any journal or presented in any other Conference / Seminar / Symposium or submitted for consideration of any award.
Applicant can present only one paper in any one section each nominee is required to make a brief presentation (15 minutes) about his/her research work before the concerned Sectional board of members. This may be followed by five minutes question-answer session / discussion. No nomination will be considered in absentia.
Application along with the followings;
1. Bio-data (CV) with photograph.
2. Identity card/proof of affiliation with University/Institution.
3. Copy of full length research paper.
4. Undertaking of the non submission of the work signed by the candidate himself/herself.
6. Letter of consent from the Head of the Institution/ Department/Supervisor (seal with signature).